A Month Of Letters ~ Someone I Feel Resentful Towards

Dear Nobody,

See, this letter is tricky and hard for me, as I don’t feel resentment toward anyone. 

woman in gray tank top
Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Over the years there have been a number of folks that I could have listed from the ex-husbands and boyfriends, former friends, past employers and coworkers…but those are all just that, the past. I have long ago forgiven anyone I felt wronged me, asked forgiveness of those I felt I had wronged and then moved on with my life. 

When you harbor resentment in your heart it creates a bitterness that takes root and becomes who you are and will be until you get over it. The longer that root is there the tougher it will be to pull out. Resentment only hurts the person feeling it.

Kindness on the other hand is contagious. Joy and gratitude grows and spreads. I far prefer to be joyful, kind and loving toward others. Try to understand and give the benefit of the doubt. 

So, there is no one I resent.


Nana Marti

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