Minimalist Living: My New Goal

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I do not make resolutions at the new year because I prefer goals. Goals are more likely to be achieved because to have a goal there has to be a plan in place to achieve that goal.

This new year the goal is to minimize in my life. Possessions, debt, stress, and maximize my health, wealth and experiences. Moving again helped kick start this process as I had a number of pieces of furniture that have made the move with me over the years but served no purpose in my life other than to take up space looking pretty or become a pretty place to cram things that needed to really be gone. POOF and those 3 items are now re-homed. I’ve only just begun to down size my possessions and will no doubt post more about this process.

Debt! Who doesn’t wish to be out of debt? I’ve recently purchased The Budget Mom‘s paycheck to paycheck workbook. Just the beginning process of reviewing all transactions from last month was a huge eye-opener for me. This crazy, marvelous Nana spent over $100 on Dunkin iced coffees and occasional wake-up wraps. I was shocked!!! My random Amazon Prime purchases were eye opening as well. I need to reign in my spending. Setting up my first paycheck budget for my first payday in January showed me I actually have money to spend and save after bills, IF I follow a planned budget. So my debt will be getting paid down, fast, and I will be much more cautious about random spending.

I have a lot of loose paperwork and a bunch of just stuff I am going to begin going through today and tomorrow. My closet is getting organized and anything not worn in the past 12 months is being donated. If I did not wear it last winter, I’m not going to wear it this one either. Time to give it away. And I have a lot of mail and papers floating around that need to be gone because it isn’t important, just something I didn’t know what to do with at the time.

I will be blogging about this process because I know there are others out there wanting to take the steps and feeling overwhelmed like me, so baby steps and sharing might help someone else along the way! It will also keep me accountable to the process!