The Empty Box In My Office

Someone at work made the comment yesterday that they bet my apartment is immaculate. It is most of the time. Oh I might be slow to getting to the dusting and vacuuming some days, but there is never a time I feel compelled to say, “pardon the mess…” because it doesn’t happen. Everything has a place and is in that special spot.  img_2382Everything with the exception of the empty box in my office.

Usually by now boxes from shipments have been broken down and stored for when I move, tossed in the trash or given away to someone in need of my used, cardboard containers. But things shifted a bit this last Avon shipment. Once the box was empty my cat claimed it. She often does play in them for a bit, but this time she has taken ownership. I find her sitting in there at all hours of the day, and especially if I’m here in the office working on something.

Maybe she wants a bed? Or perhaps she just likes being close to me when I’m home. But I haven’t had the heart to remove this box because she seems to have grown attached to it. Rather than tossing it, I think I’ll just make a quick throw and line it so she has a comfy place to hang out.