TGIF, Coffee and Crochet

cheerful close up coffee cup
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Friday is my favorite because I’m off on Fridays. Every single one right now. Well, unless I pick up a shift but nope, not this week. I NEED my 3 day weekend this time around. Sundays are the second favorite because of church. They would be #1 but I work a double shift every other Sunday so that moves it down a notch on the happy charts.

My big exciting day off has started with getting the first load of laundry of 3 into the washer then running to the bank up the street to get quarters so I could finish it all. It would have been 2 loads but my poor kitty upchucked a hair ball followed by the chaser puke cats are known to do. She did this at 1:30am. At least it was on the afghan that I keep on the end of the bed for her to sleep on for this purpose and to cut down on the cat hair needing to be lint rolled off the bedding. Laundry is such a necessary yet disliked chore for me. Thankfully I’m about an hour from completing this task.

Payday Friday is also bill paying day. UGH. But that unpleasant duty is also now completed. While it feels really good to be able to pay everything I owe, it is also somewhat depressing to watch the account balance shrink as I go.

I really need to clean this weekend and I’m saving that for tomorrow because I won’t be going anywhere if winter storm Harper arrives and starts dropping freezing rain and snow on us tomorrow. Honestly, I hope it shifts enough that instead of rain and freezing rain during the day, we get snow. Freezing rain and ice build up causes power outages and my stove is electric. And the coffee maker. Life ceases to hold much meaning if the coffee cannot be made and enjoyed. If the conditions are such that this happens, driving anywhere is also not an option, making this a really crappy situation. By the way, who picks these names for these storms over at The Weather Channel? Couldn’t you come up with something more adventurous and exciting sounding than Harper? Or last weekend’s Gia? Lame folks, really lame.

I did my grocery shopping yesterday, and Kroger was already very busy. Payday Friday is my normal grocery day, but I wasn’t even going to consider it the day before this winter storm is supposed to hit. So that is all out of the way and I have food, healthy snacks and wine to get me through not just a storm but next payday.

Avon order is placed, bills paid, laundry nearly finished. Guess it is time to crochet for a bit then I’ll be heading out to my daughter’s house to spend some time loving on the crew there and dreaming of April when I can move in with them and live there in the wooded paradise they now call home. It is so peaceful and beautiful.

This will be a long, relaxing weekend for me. I’ll post a photo of the project I’m working on once it is finished and ready to go into the shop. It is a nice throw, wool and acrylic blend, and the colors are really pretty.

Off to finish my coffee and fold the laundry, y’all have a marvelous one!