My Word For 2019

I gave up resolutions for New Year’s a long time ago. They were intentions but not truly goals. To have a goal you need to make a plan. Resolutions seem to all sound good, like going to the gym regularly or losing weight. Check those folks who made those particular ones in about 3 or 4 weeks and it is unlikely you will find they are still keeping on track.

51snnrnn9tl._sx321_bo1,204,203,200_In place of resolutions I pick a word for the year. It all started when I read the book, My One Word. A word for the year can impact many areas of your life, not just the scale or your pants size. I realized that I had neglected to pick a word last year, probably because my focus rolling into 2018 was on my mom and not completely losing my mind while dealing with her pending death. In hindsight a word actually would have been a good idea throughout but it is in the past.

This year, the word I was looking for had the idea of purposefully doing things, calculated approaches to what I want to accomplish. Over and over again the word intentional surfaced while pondering what word to chose. Looking up the definition and synonyms I realized that this was indeed my word for 2019.

I have some expectations for a year of being intentional with my bible study and devotions, my attitude, my giving, my Avon business, my connections, my prayer life, my job performance. What positive things might come out of all those and many more areas if I approach things intentionally, willfully, purposefully? I’m really excited to begin this journey through an intentional 2019.