November 9th, 2018 ~ 30 Days


It is something I’ve noticed missing this past year. Maybe it just felt like that it was missing. So much bad news on TV, so much hate being spewed by both sides of the political aisle and everywhere. Tensions and divisions religiously and racially. On a personal level, watching my mom’s health decline and accepting that her time with us was drawing shorter with each day and despite our desires we knew there was no hope she’d make it to the end of this year, 2018.

Then I started to notice a shift. Oh sure the news paints a dismal picture and the midterm elections brought out the mud slinging from all directions, but this shift was down on the more individual levels. People were starting to joke about putting up their Christmas trees as soon as Halloween was over. And then…it happened. I saw a lawn, two days after Halloween, that already was decorated for Christmas! Blow up Santa, lights, the full works. A local radio station was already flipped over to all Christmas music. At first these made me roll my eyes and shake my head at the rushing of the Christmas season. Yet deep inside it warmed my heart to see these things. And decorations etc already in the stores and sales of trees at Michael’s craft stores. My Avon brochures are already loaded with Christmas things, and products are selling fast! Again, these images were making me feel good inside, all warm and fuzzy.

This week I noticed a Christmas tree in a house front window all lit up and decorated. And then another and another. Along with these visions, and the positive feelings I had seeing them, I noticed I was feeling something else…. HOPE. Yes hope. And I liked it. I had to wonder if that was why so many are already putting up their trees and decking the halls, because it makes them feel hopeful for better things to come, to feel happiness again. It made me want to pull out my tree and put it up, and play Christmas music.

45992162_2094428993975947_9061448217857622016_nToday I unlocked my storage bin and pulled the box out that contains my tree and dragged it into the apartment. I put the branches on and fluffed them. At first I thought it needed more lights but then decided na, it was all good. Money is tight so it was best to make due with what I have. My sister and I went up to the indoor self storage place and pulled out all of the decorations and the BIG tree and brought it all back to her apartment. I brought a container of red, white and green ornaments and some left over ribbon up to my apartment and decorated my little pencil tree. Little as in skinny. Like magic in a Charlie Brown Christmas, the tree transformed to look pretty darn nice! It isn’t the huge tree occupying my sister’s apartment but it is pretty. And hope grew, a lot, in my heart. I felt good inside. I know why others are rushing to put up their trees, because like me they need some hope and joy in their lives and this fosters those feelings.

I have Christmas music playing and a cinnamon candle burning to fill the apartment with holiday scents.

There are plenty of folks who will try to rain on my parade and say it is too early to be decorating for Christmas, but they can kiss my grinch. Christmas is only 46 days away and I want to enjoy this particular one with all I have in me! It is my first without my mom, and it is her favorite holiday so I’m going to squeeze out every drop of hope, joy and happy from this holiday season.

I’m so grateful for the holidays and the wishes of peace on earth and good will to men with every Merry Christmas.