And Just Like That, POOF, Done!

A few weeks ago I posted about unplugging from Facebook via my cell phone and only checking it on my laptop. This, in theory, would give me more time for other things, like talking to people. You know, actual conversations either on the phone or in person. This worked for all of about 3 days before I put the app back on my phone for what was supposed to be a check once a day when working a double shift. It was a nice idea while it lasted. But I’m still carting it around in my phone and spending hours on the laptop looking at Facebook. After spending 2 hours this morning of scrolling through so much fake news, negativity, political trash, and even political ads by candidates, I’m just done. I cannot do this anymore.

Unplugging from the cell phone app didn’t work. So now what?

DEACTIVATION of said account.

Yes that is a huge step but this addiction to mindless scrolling is out of control. I can use the page manager app to still post to my health coaching page, blog page, Etsy shop page, and Avon page, but that way I don’t have to see the insanity that Facebook has become. It just isn’t a fun place to be anymore. Those with interests in what I have to offer via various pages can like and follow me there, or come here or my Instagram and Twitter. I don’t NEED Facebook to distract me from my life. How long will I remain deactivated? Well honestly I am not certain. At this point I am thinking months but we shall see.

So, this evening I say, “Good-bye Facebook and all the negativity that comes with you”, I’m finished!