What Is Going Right In My Life?

Another great question that has a detailed response.

What is going right in my life?

Family is going right. I just got home from spending 3 days and nights with 2 of my grandsons while their parents were away at couples camp with our church. I love getting to spend time with my grandchildren, and I’m thankful for opportunities for my kids and their spouses to get away for some time to unplug from being mom and dad and plug into each other. I’m very glad to assist by relocating myself to their homes for a few days. There is nothing like a contest of wills with a 3 year old to keep you on your toes, keep you young, and remind you of how old you are all in one moment. I am so blessed to be able to see my grandkids regularly!

Work is going right. I love what I do and cannot imagine working anywhere else. Is it perfect? Goodness no, there is always room for improvement in any place one is employed but as far as the job and management? Well I’m blessed! And I leave every shift feeling like I have made a real difference in the lives of my residents.

being aloneHome is feeling more and more like just that, home! I love my apartment, love how it looks and my neighbors. I love that my sister is a floor away and we still get to spend time together when we need or want too. But we also have our own space now and are working through our grief both together and independently. We have our own style and get to express it in decor, which is rather cool. While the layout is identical our places couldn’t be more different, expressing our individuality. I have never lived completely alone before this, even after my first divorce I was a single mother of a toddler. Then married again, then living in the Diva Den. I get to just be me, in my own space and my own, unique ways. I love it! I’m learning so much about myself by getting to spend time with just me, it is enlightening.

Is my life perfect? Far from it! But I can see the positives and focus on those rather than wallow in negativity. My glass is never half full, but rather over flowing in blessings and goodness and in these things I am rich beyond measure.