Hidden Treasures

youngmomWhile going through a box of photos one night with my cousins and a few aunts, all things that were my mom’s, someone thought to remove the photo frame backing. Inside the framed photo of mom from her early adulthood, was a love letter she had written to my dad before they were married. My best guess is that this photo was one dad had and he kept the letter there. Then over the years after marriage for 27 years and divorce, it ended up stored away in mom’s things. Odds are good she never knew the letter was in there.

The letter revealed a time when my mom truly loved my dad with all her heart. But it also revealed that she had been considering going in the convent to be a nun! We got a real peek into her faith too. What a treasure!!!

So, take time to remove photos from frames, even ones from the resale shops. Don’t throw anything away without checking it over carefully! One never knows what may be hiding there in plain site!