Sometimes Coffee Isn’t Enough

If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time you know that to this chick, and the women of my family, coffee fixes everything. Disaster strikes? Make coffee. Someone has a baby? Make coffee. Got a new job? Make coffee. No matter the crisis in our lives, or the good times, my mom always made coffee. When she died, while we were waiting for the funeral  home to come pick up her body, my sister walked into my kitchen and, you guessed it, made coffee. Everyone was running out for beer and wine, but she said, “mom would make coffee” so she did. And we drank it. While wine is a great buffer at times, no one gets arrested for driving under the influence of a cup, or for that matter several pots, of coffee.

But I’m learning that coffee doesn’t fix everything. In fact it doesn’t ‘fix’ anything. The cup of hot, magic liquid from those little brown beans just gives you something to do. A cup to hold, something to sip, kind of like a teddy bear or blankie to a child, coffee is a security item. Being somewhat ADD it also doesn’t jack me up at all. In fact I focus better and remain calmer when caffeinated. However, when you are bordering on care giver burn out, it does nothing. I worked 65 hours last week, from Monday morning through Saturday night. To say I am fried emotionally, mentally and physically would be a gross understatement of the situation. Thankfully after tomorrow I am off for 3 days and there isn’t enough money on the planet to convince me to pick up a shift. I love what I do but this girl needs a break. Coffee just cannot touch this situation for me. Crocheting for 3 days will help though.

blanketcomboI have a project that I’m working on for donation to a raffle to raise money for Alzheimer’s through work, it will look like this beautiful creation (available in my Etsy Shop), but in shades of purples. I want to hurry up and get it done so I can put together the basket for raffling off. And 3 days of camping on the couch binge watching Scandal while hooking sounds like excellent therapy.

In fact, I think I’ll start pre-gaming that therapy NOW!