My Journey To Healthy ~ Day 33

Looking down at my scale this morning I was SO excited. The number looking back at me from down yonder was 167.8! That is 18.7 pounds GONE FOREVER! That means only 27.3 pounds to go to hit my goal weight, I’m almost half way there! To say there was a bathroom happy dance would be understating the truth.

How do I know this is weight gone forever? Because I refuse to go back to the way I was eating and living my life. I am not returning to that sluggish feeling every morning, that mid-afternoon crash into sleepy and hungry. This is a lifestyle CHANGE for me, to a healthy mind and body. I went back and looked up my blood pressure records from before I began this journey, 145/96 is NOT GOOD! When I saw that one I nearly flipped out. Now? well today it was 117/59 and 118/72.  I also have to order new scrub pants for work, as the large are too loose and when I hang my walkie and pager on the pockets or waist I’m at risk of them falling down. I only have one pair of medium that I bought, accidentally, before this journey began. They were skin tight, but that is no longer the case at all. I’m wearing them to work today and they look GREAT!

I’m now beginning my journey as a health coach too, so I can pay this forward and help others. Let me know if you would like to hear more, 20 minutes on the phone could be the start of your major life change!