Temperature Blankets

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I’ve been seeing a trend of posts on Pinterest lately of temperature blankets. At first I was confused as to the point of row upon row of changing colors, why and how you would change them. So I did some research and discovered that the outside high temperature of the day is what dictates the color of the yarn.

Obviously this would take some planning and a color chart. I’ve seen a number of these done as one row per day, others as one row per week. Some pick their colors to represent 10 degree ranges, others 5 degree ranges of temperature. In the end the blankets have a look of those beautiful blankets from Mexico, but are a record of the temperatures for that calendar year in your particular area.

I’ve found the photos over at Beneath The Rowan Tree’s blog, her pattern there might help you in…

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  1. What a creative idea!! I hopped over to peek at that blanket and it’s gorgeous!! Not only that, but North Bay is only a couple of hours from me, so that blanket would probably be fairly accurate for my area too. The colours are just gorgeous.

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