Random Coffee Musings

My brain is full and needs a bit of a mental dump.

  • My go too coffee has changed..I’m hooked on iced coffee thanks to my daughter. I was seriously addicted to Dunkin Donuts Iced Peppermint Mocha, but that is seasonal so now it is a fudge brownie. I avoid cream and sugar, because this large drink already has like 260 calories. It is liquid motivation, energy, common sense, and get the job done all in one big cup.
  • My feet and body are just done. Really. I’ve worked so much lately, including a double shift the day before yesterday, then 8 hours later back on the floor again, that I’m just finished. I even spent the night at the facility in an empty unit because I was too exhausted to drive home after the double shift, which meant an extra 1.5 hours of sleep so it was well worth it. Just packed a go bag and extra uniform and showered there too. I work another double tomorrow, with an 8 hour break before being back on the floor Monday. I cannot wait for Tuesday to just sleep in for a change.
  • I love my job, and my residents, even when I get punched, clawed, kicked, rammed with a walker, and nearly bitten. Those behaviors are summed up by one of my residents, a tiny little darling who, when I wake her to get her up, always says, “I’m scared”.  96  years old, tiny little thing, and terrified. Poor lady just wants to go home to her home town where she was raised, it is the last place she remembers living because dementia has stolen much of her present and past and that is all she knows most days. That and where she worked when she retired. I just hug her and promise to protect her, she hugs me back and says “I love you”. Makes the whole crazy mess worth it.
  • I have so much studying to do! Need to take my Kentucky medication aide test so I can pass meds at this facility. I’ve worked so much lately that my brain just doesn’t have what it takes to study. Must work on that.
  • Is it just me, or does red lipstick on women over 50 tend to make them look like the old hag living on the corner? You know, the one who is bat poop looney and dresses like she robbed a thrift store drop box or granddaughter’s closet? A Baddie Winkle wanna be? *shudder*  Sorry just my opinion.
  • I managed to kill my air plants. Seems soaking them in water for 20 minutes, twice a week isn’t just a suggestion. I did well for a while, but now they are but dust. Guess I’ll be ordering more because I rather like them.
  • Do people realize when they are in their cars picking their nose that we can see them? Seriously you are not invisible and that is flat out disgusting, especially when you lick your fingers off!

Just some random stuff, now there is room for more random thoughts.

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  1. Oh my no!!! Why would someone do that… I mean I get that some pick.. but the lick??!!! Nasty. Almost bad as the red lipstick my mom’s old friend used to wear and insisted on kissing both your cheeks every single time she saw you and literally that stuff stuck like glue. LOL

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