Staying Warm

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By Hook And By Hand

Winter has moved into our area, though with it being 59 degrees today one would be hard pressed to prove that! Have no fear, in greater Cincinnati one only needs to wait a few minutes before the weather will change. Snow and cold will make an appearance before long.

15673038_1067450206697553_1784120851927591983_nWhile waiting for the snow to fly I’ve been working on a number of scarves to sell. These are nice and thick, 72 inches long, and I can customize the colors to suit a variety of preferences. I’m currently working on matching hats. The hat pattern that comes with the scarf pattern simply isn’t working up to look right, so I’m on a quest to find a new one so I can make them and get them on the shop. I have 3 more scarves that should release later today in the Etsy Shop. Currently I am working on the…

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