What If…Challenge Accepted



I attend a great church, and yesterday despite being off sick I was able to attend services live via online streaming. The message was powerful and played right into things I’ve been contemplating of late.

What if…

we didn’t post a single, negative thing on social media? Our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all of it was so amazingly full of good, positive things, that it wasn’t necessary to have it be private because there is nothing to hide? Only good, only things that edify and lift up, bring smiles and laughter? No politics, no news sources questionable stories (face it most cannot be trusted these days), just the good stuff, the happy stories, the zen moments in life. Could I accept that kind of challenge?

we didn’t remove folks for not believing as we do. Suppose I just removed those so full of negativity that I didn’t want to see that in my feed anymore so I kept only those as friends who spread love, peace, kindness? Could I accept that kind of challenge?

we all stopped watching and reading the news for one month and took a break from the negativity in the press and instead of sharing news on our social media, we shared blogs and Instagram posts that were filled with good, kind, thoughtful things? Could I do that for a month? And what if that became the norm, to just share what warms the heart, would the world start to see a change?

we prayed for our enemies, and those we hold bad feelings toward. Prayed for their lives to be filled with peace, love, kindness and all other good things from God. And we did this every, single, day. Make a list of those who we dislike, hate, hold a grudge towards, and pray forgiveness over them, and pray FOR them. Good things only. It would change our hearts toward those people (trust me on this I’ve done it).

we prayed for our president instead of bashing him? Pray for God’s wisdom to be given to him, for wise men and women to surround him, for his heart to be open to God’s leading, for his safety, his family’s safety, and for our nation. Instead of throwing up nasty things, we reminded folks to do this, we did it. What could happen? What could it hurt?

I wear a sterling silver ring on my one hand that says be the change you wish to see in the world and I think change begins with each of us.

Challenge accepted.

If you are on my Facebook, and post things that I find disturbing, negative, attacking, etc., then don’t be shocked to be unfriended.

It isn’t you, it is ME.

I want to let go of this type of thing in my life. Yes, evil will still be out there, but we don’t have to give it free rent to live in our hearts and minds, it is time to evict this from our lives. Hold a door, let someone merge into your lane rather than speeding up, mend a fence…mend them ALL, see the good in everyone, smile, say hello to a stranger, pay for someone’s coffee behind you in line, start spreading positive, loving kindness and see if in your wake the same is not so contagious that the world will change. It will be slow, but we can dig in our heels and refuse to be swayed from the goal.

Are you with me?

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  1. I wear a mantra band on my wrist all the time – like I sleep, shower in it too – that says Be The Change so that I always have a reminder of this very thing. People roll their eyes at me… but hey, that’s just proof it is working for me, and perhaps they ought to try it!

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