Logs On The Fire…

It is that time of the year, and our fire place is in use again. I must say, I DO enjoy that part of the cold weather so much, it just seems more homey with a fire going.

At the moment I’m upstairs in my room, so the ‘fire’ is on my TV with the cable company yule log and Christmas music, but that works for me. I have projects spread around the bed while I work on restocking the shop with some cup cozy creations. Those have been selling quite well, along with one of the blankets I made, which pleases me!

15135751_1197473407004848_4257088142922695773_nThanksgiving was great, even though I worked 6a-6:30p, when I got home I chowed on all the standards and my siblings, kids and grandchildren stopped by. It gave me and my siblings a chance to get a good photo with my mom (me sporting zero makeup and a mess from a day running by tail off). We fear this may be her last one with us so I was thankful for the opportunity.

Seems the tumor, now named Pandora, is on the grow again. Chemo might slow it, but one of these trips we will learn that it no longer is slowing it, and in fact Pandora will take off like gasoline was poured on her fire. It is a cancer we know is fatal so we are all preparing for that day. Meanwhile mom’s one knee is shot and could use a replacement that would be pointless, and the other gives out due to nerve damage from a past surgery and maybe the tumor invading that space. We take her out in a wheelchair now, which most would probably find cumbersome but to us Divas it is one splendid adventure that includes great parking opportunities in the handicap spots. Mom is pretty talented at pushing the grocery cart from aboard the mobile throne as we shop, and we find ourselves laughing a good deal while on these new adventures.

I just discovered that I’m causing myself some serious frustration because I fell into a habit that I hated from others: taking clothes off without turning them right side out before tossing them in the laundry. As if it isn’t annoying enough when things get tangled in the dryer, even though I shake the items out before putting them in, having to right them all before hanging had me grumbling for 10 minutes and no one to blame but myself. I know, if this is the worst thing that I endure today I’m blessed!

I was hoping we’d put up our tree today, but it is looking like that will be a Sunday activity because I’m due to crawl into bed in less than 2 hours so I can get up and work tomorrow. Meanwhile I started listening to Christmas music this morning, not wanting to blend the holidays but rather enjoy Thanksgiving first, then Christmas. I am excited to pull out the Christmas themed scrubs for work, these are some of my favorites! When you work as much as I do, the scrubs become a fashion issue that must be taken seriously. Now if menopause would move on to “enhance” someone else’s life I could maybe put on a bit of makeup and look more human when working.


  1. Ohhh!! All of my children still put all their clothes into the laundry basket inside out. So frustrating. I even stopped doing laundry for 2 weeks to teach them a lesson and they still did it after. So now I just wash them all inside out….. and put them right back inside out! HA. Mom for the win. 🙂
    I can’t wait to get our tree up! But I did start with the Christmas music on Dec. 1st.

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