When Work Is An Act Of Worship

Most days I pick up a coworker on my way in, because she has had car issues and is kinda sorta on my way to my nearby facility. She is also my work bestie, we rock it out together when on the unit. Today she was off, and I had a bit more time to spend on devotions. I read my daily devotion book from Kay Arthur, I LOVE her, but then at work in the parking lot, it was something else. Something that touched deep into where I am at the moment.

I pulled in 25 minutes before clock in, shut off the radio, and opened the Crossroads Anywhere app on my phone. This is the app my church is using, they put out daily devotion things Monday through Friday related to what we are hearing in the services. Today was talking about how anything can be an act of worship. “Worship can be anything in our entire life that is done in submission and love for God.” It went on to say cleaning, paperwork,  etc can be worship. I pondered that for a few before I started praying asking God to help me to make my job an act of worship to Him.

I love my job(s), caring for those who no longer can care for their own, basic needs. It is in itself rewarding. But what if I did all of it as an act of worship, how would that change what I did? I decided that I would talk to my Abba in Heaven throughout my day and see.

My very long hallway….

Things were different. There were times where I’d be almost up to the end of my hallway and hear a call light, turn and see it was at the FAR end…and huff. OMG why didn’t they hit their call light when I was down THAT end???? But I’d hear that still, small voice say “do this as an act of worship…” and I’d feel a sudden shift inside as I headed that way. Or I’d be thinking about cutting a corner, nothing big, just a tiny thing like not picking up a piece of fuzz on the floor or candy wrapper, and realize if I do my job as unto the Lord, well picking up paper may seem small, but I can honor God by doing it. It totally changed how I perceived my day. Granted, not everything was done as worship, but I tried, and tomorrow I will do it again. My job is a gift from God, a way to honor Him through what I do, and I need to do it as if HE is my boss.

Colossians 3:23-24  New King James Version (NKJV)

23 And whatever you do, do it heartily, as to the Lord and not to men,24 knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of the inheritance; for[a] you serve the Lord Christ.


  1. I would have definitely considered you as already living this principle — but it’s great to see it publicly stated and shared. Great reminder because it’s certainly one area I frequently fall short of within my home — the daily drudgery and the repetition: it’s hard to think of that as worship. But it’s caring for my family, so I need to remember that shift in perspective. Otherwise, it’s just a “job” and not a Calling.

  2. I praise God for your heart of service and even worship with your resident’s. I know what a blessing it is for me that there are wonderful, loving caregivers to care for my Dad. I know your residents and their families are touched by your positive attitude, kindness, and love for them! I’m grateful for believers who do their work as unto Him! May His mercy and grace pour over you as you serve those in your care.

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