I’m There

I can finally stop studying and relish in the moment, I passed my state exams and I’m a Medication Aide-Certified in the state of Ohio. *does happy dance without tripping over anything and falling on my tush*  Lots of hard work in a month of class, studying like crazy while working 2 full time jobs, and…I’m there! Now to get on the new units when they open and begin working as a medication aide. This business of career path changes in one’s 50’s is just crazy, but at the same time I feel I’ve found my calling in life. The beauty of this is while I will do all the med passes, I will also back the aides afterward and be able to work closely with the residents, the part of this I love so much!

Now that I’m not busy studying my crochet hooks are back out and the yarns are ready to be crafted into something I can use, and items for my store. Yes, this makes me very happy, as I’ve come to find hooking is my therapy and since 8/22/16 I’ve been away from my therapist! The same day I found out I passed the exams I received a request for a custom order through the shop which was a nice way to get back to the nuclear chaos I refer to to as my normal life.

Quickly, before I go, a shameless plug for my daughter’s new blog. Like her mama she loves coffee, crochet, reading, and it seems writing! Check out Kids, Dogs And A Whole Lot Of Coffee and show her some love!



  1. Congratulations!!! I don’t know if a new career will be on the horizon for me. I feel like within another year, at most two — I will actually have grown weary of being at home all day long. Or you know, having no money of my own.

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