My Bum Is Purple

I have one very sore rump today, with a large, very dark purple bruise on one cheek of my buttocks. Yes, TMI, I know. When I was getting a resident out of their wheelchair to stand at the grab bar, a rather complicated maneuver in a tiny bathroom that isn’t big enough for the 2 of us and the wheelchair, I backed into the corner of the bathroom sink very hard. Oh goodness it is sore.

Currently I can write my name in the dust on my desk and dresser, my trash can in my bedroom under the vanity is over flowing and I’m in my jammies with bedhead of gold medal standard. After tomorrow I will be able to get a grip on all of that but for now, it is study until I drop. At 9:30am, EST, if you are one inclined to pray, I need it! My MA-C state exam is tomorrow and I need to pass it in order to pass medications, get a raise at both jobs and that is of great desire to me. I have found apps to use to study, and have a huge stack of index cards with hundreds of drugs (their info, what they treat, side effects etc) and 2 very large binders of information. Hopefully tomorrow I will pass the written and skills tests and not have to retake any part. That will be amazing. I still have to take the Kentucky test once I pass Ohio’s, but that I can live with, it will be known information.

20160906_165058I also have so many projects for my shop that need to be completed. Everything went into a holding pattern 6 or 7 weeks back when I started the classes for this certification, and I cannot wait for it to be done. I haven’t done any real marketing for the Etsy shop but please, feel free to stop in, look around, and purchase if you find something you like. We now donate 20% of all sales to Alzheimer’s because it is a cause near and dear to me and my sister. These are the people I care for most in my jobs, those who live within a mind that is shrinking every day, their brains are dying and literally have gaping holes in them as they degenerate. There is no cure, but with we can hope and help by donating. We’re coming out with coffee cup cozys this week that you can use to show your support of this cause, stay tuned!

I’m looking forward to having a life again. Coming home from the 8 hour shift job to spend the rest of the day studying just sucks. I don’t mind the going to bed by 8 or 8:30p (ideally it should be 7:30p) if I have that time from 2:30p on to do what I want/need, but right now all I do is study. UGH. And the 12.5 hour shifts, I come home, eat, sip on wine while getting in my jammies and into the bed.  I cannot live that way, I need some Marvi time!!!



  1. I can’t help but wonder how many strange hits you got with that title about your tushie. LOL I know it happens to me whenever I choose a….. “cheeky” title. Har. Hope your exam went well, and that you are finally getting some Marvi time! 🙂

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