My Roller Coaster Week

What a week! And no I do not mean the sad events all over this country.  I do not post political or racially sensitive/divisive things to my blog, that is for others to do.  All I will say is that where you see a divide, kneel and pray.  Per 2 Chronicles 7:14.

No, this week was a roller coaster ride in my life and that of the other Divas.  We stumbled on a house we were interested in, but it wasn’t what we had hoped for at all. That same evening we knew of another, the agent was able to get us in to see it, and we all fell in love. Downsizing is the name of the game for us, and it was smaller, totally brand new inside from being flipped, and we were all over it.  An offer was made and for 48 hours we purged the Diva Den like we were moving to a tiny house so we could list it for sale.  We had our hopes up and prayed…and we didn’t get it. 😦  Yes, we are all sad and bummed. That house is wanted badly by others too, and a bidding war got going and they accepted an offer for more than the asking price.  We know financing for that buyer could fail and we might still end up able to have it, but for now we are simply continuing to make our home ready for sale and  watching for new listings. The market here is very tight and a well priced home that is updated and nice…doesn’t last but a few days, sometimes even hours.

Meanwhile, things sat on hold for the shop, so the promised release of new wash/dish cloths will end up posting later today. I also will post a photo on my Instagram of the custom blanket I made from a shop order. But don’t want to ruin the surprise for the customer, they get to see it first. Connecting with her has been a fiasco from my side because of work, mom and other commitments.  The next projects are a really pretty Bavarian blanket, perfect for a wheel chair user, a baby blanket, and some chemo caps.  We feel the calling to have a health care category since we work in long term care and know what those needs can be.  I also have yarn and patterns for ponchos and pray shawls. We’re going to be very busy hooking around here!

Last night we celebrated my youngest grandson’s 1st birthday. The party was held at the ex-hubster’s, which others probably find incredibly weird but it is getting to be par for the course that we are in the same place at the same time.  Weird too to be back in the old homestead I suppose, but for me it was not at all like it had been when we were married and money was way too tight to make such renovations.  It is very beautiful, what they have done, and does not at all resemble the house I called home. It got me thinking a lot as I was falling asleep, how different my life is now too.  I don’t make nearly the money I did then, and while I very much enjoyed my job back then, I LOVE my job now.  It is a calling and ministry, or it is a paycheck, but there is little middle ground for a nurse aide.  Back bones, foundations of the the long term care industry, we are paid peanuts.  Yet I cannot imagine doing anything else.  I even applied for a 911 operator, but it ate at me inside to leave this line of work, so I dropped out of the process.

My sweet, confused residents, physically and mentally weak and broken, they are what I get up for and pull 12.5 hours shifts that physically kill me.  I used to be all about making the money in life, now I’m all about how can I help someone else, what can I do to make a difference. Yes, I do need an income, but I don’t work for more, just for enough.  Sure, Avon empowers women, as does Mary Kay, Pure Romance, Tupperware etc….but not like this.  You can make a good living doing that, but really you empower them to make money, you don’t really do much for their heart and soul.  I had a big team for a while in Avon, got nice leadership checks, and my full time job then paid very well, but it was empty money. Now, when I see my check, every dollar is a smile of appreciation for the little extra things I did, for the laughter I was able to bring to someone, a hand I held to steady them on their feet, or comfort someone in pain, or a goodbye because I knew they were leaving this world, a thank you and hug from a family member of someone I care for, and tears shed with coworkers when we watch one cross over to eternity.  I cannot bag groceries, sell makeup, enter data, etc., and ‘get’ that.  This job has changed me, made me appreciate little things like a very simple and limited wardrobe, a decent vehicle, and laughter and love of family and close friends.  The things that make life rich and memorable.

This week I’ve came to the realization that I have an abundantly better life now than the one I left behind 6 years ago, that I am a far better person than I was then.  I’m still under construction, God is far from done breaking me and removing the dross, but we’re closer now than ever before.

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  1. A busy week for sure… .but when that sounds like it ended on a great truth too! I make NO money right now…and I am way happier than when I had enough in my pockets AND a savings account to live and travel. Jobs of course are often necessary, but no reason why they can’t also be completely fulfilling too. Sounds like you got that and that surely says you are exactly where He wants you to be. 🙂

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