Coffee And Raisin Bran Musings

I know, sounds like the typical senior citizen breakfast, minus the prune juice.  I’ll have you know I have eaten raisin bran since I was a kid, it’s yummy.  Coffee is part of adulting in this household.  Coffee is the life blood of the Diva Den.  The really amazing part of this dark, brown liquid is I’ve managed to finish a cup while it was still very warm, something that simply never happens at work.  This is because I never sit still long enough, and with a handful of dementia residents who wander, nothing is safe left sitting, not to mention we are not permitted to have food/drinks on the floor.  By the time I get a minute to grab my cup in the nurses station the contents are cold.  Monster or Spark are the caffeine drinks when at work, they are meant to be cold so I can just stop by the fridge for a swig and keep going.

I feel a little lost today, as in no navigation tool on board.  My custom project is complete for a shop order, and my laundry is all caught up as of Sunday.  So now I’m not sure what I want to do.  I only have today, as I work the next 2 days before a 3 day weekend.  With nothing pressing to do, I’m not sure what I want to get accomplished today.  There are many By Hook & By Hand projects int he works, but no special orders, all are just things to be added to the store.  While that is my second ‘job’, today is a day off of everything unless I feel like picking up my hook and continuing to make things.  No doubt, I will get to it as that is also therapy for me.  Heck I might not even bother to get out of my jammies today!

(break from writing…..)

Okay I not only got out of the jammies, I showered.  And brought in the mail, had lunch, chatted on the phone with my daughter and a coworker, and now I’m back here in front of my laptop.  Pretty relaxed day so far.

If you like wash cloths, cotton ones that are hand made, we’ll be loading the shop later today with a bunch!!! New colors and sets that we’ve been working on while watching a marathon of Blue Bloods in the evening.  I’m also working on a really pretty lap blanket for those in wheel chairs who get chilly.

I also recently made the decision to sign up as a Jamberry nail wrap consultant. I LOVE the wraps and figured it was worth the discount so if you need wraps, please don’t hesitate to buy from me, I’ll love ya bunches!

Okay, off to hook some and do my nails. 🙂

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  1. I love days like this…. where you can just kind of wander and putter at will. Stay in jammies, get dressed, binge watch TV, read or write. It’s nice to have no actual plan every now and then. Mine don’t come too often with 3 kids and a house to care for (and not at all during the summer when they are home All The Hours!!), so I relish the days that are this peaceful, easy feeling.

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