My Etsy Shop Finds

I am a big fan of folks trying to make an extra buck by selling things they make, and when I find something I love I like to share!

The first shop is Jacqueline Jane Customs, she makes really great hats!  As a woman who sometimes is on the go before I can grab a shower, I like to have a hat handy to wear so I don’t look entirely like I crawled out from beneath a rock.  I stumbled on her via Instagram one day and found out she was getting ready to open an Etsy shop.  I waited less than patiently for it to open, then purchased my first hat for my mom.  With chemo making her hair fall out she needed a hat to protect against sunburn and to wear when she doesn’t feel like wearing her wig.  It had to be a FUN hat too, so this is what I bought for her:


Mom loved it!  So once it arrived I decided I needed one too, that expressed my faith as well as keeping my messy hair covered when running those early morning, bad hair day errands. This is the one I purchased for me:


I fell in love with the ‘distressed’ look and the cross has rhinestones so it glitters. Gotta have that bling!  Both are really great quality, adjustable hats.  Well worth the money!

My next fun find is my yarn bowl.  I hate when I’m pulling yarn and the skeen goes flying off the coffee table or couch.  I’ve been eyeing yarn bowls for a while, hoping it would solve the issue and at the same time look pretty when not in use so I could just put it on a shelf or my dresser.  It needed to be affordable, practical and attractive.  I found many that I liked, but then found this one at Birdland Paradise and it is too cute!


Very pretty flowers, well made and has done the job at keeping my yarn on the table while I’m working on a project.

These are great gift ideas if you are in the market for something different, I recommend both of these great shops!

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  1. LOVE your hat!! It’s perfect mix of rough around the edges and bling. And so nice of you to support others business too. 🙂

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