This Mind Inquires: Why Move???

I love to watch the snow fall but I hate to be cold.  Cold sucks when you age, especially when you have arthritis.  I’ve had that since my early 20s and just deal with it.  When married we had a hot tub and I loved what it did for my neck, back and hands but he got custody of that item in the divorce.  Last year the plan was to move to Sarasota because the then boyfriend wanted to live where it is warm, even hot, to avoid the cold and snow. I was so on board until I found out he was a total lying snake. Funny thing was he wanted to move to where it is hot, then run the central air to keep the indoors as cold as possible.  I know a lot of folks like this.

Winter around these parts can get really chilly, and bitter. All through those months folks whine about how dang cold it is and how much they long for summer.  Then when the warmer months show up, everyone stays inside with the A/C on at 68.  WHAT?!?!?!?

I like it warm out, even hot.  I was looking forward to Florida to avoid the cold, to have hot breezes on me, not seal up the house and run the A/C.  I love waking to the birds chirping just before sunrise.  If the air isn’t moving, a fan is plenty for me.  I enjoy windows OPEN.  Why the heck move to a warm climate only to turn on the air conditioning??  Just baffles me.


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  1. I’m showing this post to my husband because PREACH!!! Honestly, complain all winter long about being too old to handle these freezing Canadian winters, and then he turns the darn A/C on in April!!! “For the humidity.” SMH. I have to wear a sweater and pants inside during the summer, and then change into actual summer clothes to go outside! I’m gonna drop a gardening tool in the stupid thing. At least I will be able to read on my deck without hearing that awful noise.

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