Too Many Irons In The Fire

That title describes my life right now, just too many things going on!

Mom is still doing pretty good, but we can see the cancer/chemo slowly changing things. She is tired more often and that set in motion a series of discussions about what happens next.  This is a lot of house, 2500 square feet, and the payment is pretty high.  While still able, mom talked to us all about down sizing, so we started looking around.  Now we’ve decided to simply stay put.  It will be tight, but my sister and I want to keep this house so the goal is now to get things painted, etc.  At least that concern is off the table for now.

Then there is work.  I am pulling a lot of extra shifts, trying like crazy to get out of debt. That will make it much easier to manage staying where we are once mom is gone.  I’ve had folks ask me about that, how I’m doing with knowing she is not long for this world, but honestly I’m okay.  I refuse to cross that bridge of mourning until we are there, what is the point?  I’m prepared for it as much as one can be, but not dwelling on it all.

Facing mom’s mortality has caused me to re-evaluate my life and do things I might not otherwise have tried.  Like the Etsy shop, it was one of those things I had wanted to do for many years, selling my creations, but I always held back.  Now, I’m out there and slowly building up inventory and had a sale of a nice size which has motivated me to keep going. I read everything I can on the topic of selling on Etsy and I’m so glad I finally just did it.

I’m taking a plunge too, spending 4 intensive weeks in classes so I can be certified to pass meds at work.  I know that it pays more and means less wear and tear on me physically, but enables me to still be involved in the care of residents.  Nursing school is just too much for me to consider as I’m turning 53, but getting all I can as an aide is a better option. It will mean likely moving to night shift, but that is okay too. I will do what I have to do in order to make more money and still stay in this field. The class starts in mid-August, good way to end the summer.

Then of course there is the shop itself. We are now shipping international, which is a plus. I have so many projects in the works, and so many ideas for new ones that I have had to slow down and take a deep breath.  Focusing on any one is hard, as so many are really pretty and I want to get them all in there.  While I work on those I’m trying to read all of the ebooks on the topic, eat, sleep and work.  I need a clone in a really bad way!

Someone asked me the other day if I plan to ever settle down and get married again, and I had to laugh.  Not sure when I have time to even date, let alone work on a relationship.  Yes, life is painfully short and I’m running out of that a day at a time.  But right now, my focus is just on my mom, kids, grandkids, working, and my shop.  I don’t have time to add a man to the mix and won’t for some time. Of course that is when it tends to happen that a potential Prince Charming comes along.  *looks over shoulder*  So far, so good, he isn’t in sight.



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  1. And I thought I was busy!! It’s an odd mix of feeling when life gets so busy; some of it is wonderful blessing and then some more of pain process and you yo-yo back and forth at any given moment. I have about a month of quiet now before the kids are home for the entire summer, and I definitely plan on taking advantage of it!

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