Of Blankets, Cup Cozies, And More

I’ve been working way too much lately.  So much so that I’m not getting to do what I love most….CROCHET!  But I’m super excited about my shop so making time in the evenings even if it means only 30 minutes of hooking on a project.

il_fullxfull.1015620551_q1piI’m also very excited to announce that my daughter, who is also a ‘hooker’, is making cup cozies for the shop!  She forgot how much therapy is in a hook and some yarn until she got to playing with the design and started making a bunch.  They can be made to order in a variety of colors and designs.  I’m so glad she is joining me and my sister on this venture.  These are especially handy if you know someone going through chemo, as sometimes it can make handling warm or cold items painful for the cancer patient.

We invite you to stop by our shop and browse, and come back often as we will be adding items frequently as those of us hooking them finish each item!



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  1. Oh they are so adorable!!! Much better than the boring cardboard you get at the coffee shop, and of course better for the environment.

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