Smells I Love

Fresh cut grass – occurring daily around these parts as Spring is here!

Babies – even at 8 months old nothing smells so sweet as my grandson.

Fresh air – with 71 degrees today, the window is open and the breeze is entering.

Lilacs – OH yes, those will be in abundance shortly too!

Coffee – Fresh brewed coffee…nothing like that heavenly smell!

Lavender – best oil to diffuse when sleep is holding itself at bay, drift off gently to dreamland.

Meat on the grill – another one that is one the wings of the air lately.


One comment

  1. LILACS!!! Yes! I cannot wait for my trees to bloom. I have one big tree in the front yard, and some smaller buses in the back yard and all together it’s like being surrounded by heaven. Fresh cut grass brings back great summer memories of the farm. And coconut just means summer and beach and surf to me. But my favourite scent is Jasmine.. which of course I cannot grow up in this frozen north!

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