Monday Coffee Musings

Yes…coffee.  Coffee that I can actually drink while it is hot. Java that isn’t left stashed on the nurse station desk or in a cabinet in the activity room because the call light carnival is in full swing. Heavenly cup of slow wake-up I can enjoy for a few moments all to myself with not a care in the world. Praise God for a Monday off of work! YAHOOOOO!

Weekends can really be trying, and this was no exception.  Wednesday it will be a full moon, and if you think it doesn’t impact people, you haven’t worked in health care, especially the long term care side. Our residents were pre-gaming for it yesterday and it was insane.  From serious “code brown” (ie: BM accidents) to dementia sufferers being extra nutty, we had it all.  Oh, and we were short on staff.  But we got it done and I even put 4 folks to bed before I left to give the night shift a leg up since they were even more impacted by the short staffing than we were yesterday.

10401098_1131576246881856_4592208505510644507_nWho knew it would be my calling to care for old people, or my old souls as I like to call them. Puke, poop, feeding, changing diapers, repositioning the bedridden every 2 hours, taking someone to the bathroom 6 times in a shift, fetching snacks and juice on request, transporting them to events in the building, doing nails, fixing hair….we grow so attached to them.  Even the ones who run over our last nerve with their wheelchair 20 times in shift have wormed their way into my heart and I cannot imagine not doing this job. The pay sucks, but the rewards are priceless.

When not doing that I am rebuilding my Avon business.  The pace is slow, but steady and I LOVE makeup and fun fashion items like shoes and purses, or jewelry.  For a year or so now I’ve lost sight of my love of Avon, but it is back.

My other passion now is my Etsy shop.  I LOVE my yarn and hooks, and hooking up a blanket, booties, hat, scarf, towels, dish clothes…doesn’t matter what it is, I LOVE to crochet.  I cannot wait to get enough items finished to get the shop opened.  My sister is even going to feature her items in there as well.

And that is my Monday agenda. Crochet, Avon, and coffee.  When it is break or lunch time I will watch The Walking Dead episode I missed last night because I was falling asleep, sitting up on the couch, at 8:30pm. At nearly 53 those 12.5 hour shifts of 20,000+ steps are tail-kicking but that is what working your passion is all about!


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  1. Nurses are angels. Plain and simple. We reward all the wrong people in this world. The selfish get the glory… but, the selfless get Glory!! 🙂

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