Poop Picasso & Monsters

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This weekend was life in the CNA trenches again. With only one day off, I worked 4 days and was in continuing education training for 2 days.  Arriving at the facility and working short both days this weekend iced this cupcake and added sprinkles.

I was running on fumes for energy Saturday, my coworker and other half of what we have dubbed ourselves, Team M&M noticed I wasn’t my usual, spunky self.  She was just back from a stretch of 10 days off and disappointed that I wasn’t ‘me’.  It was hard to find me under the exhaustion and working with 3 of us doing the job of the normal 5.  We were grateful when a 4th came in, but still short staffed just sucks.

Sunday morning I stopped for a triple size, Absolute Zero Monster.  I know when it is time to push the liquid, will-likely-kill-you energy drinks.  I’m told 16 ounces in one day is the maximum anyone should consume, so 24 ounces seemed a safe risk.  I was back to singing and dancing with the residents.  I even managed to shave the one who never allows me to touch him – SCORE!

One of my residents is seriously constipated, maybe boarding on impacted.  This one, being in pain and having a hemorrhoid issue that was irritated 100x from the back up, was opting for self relief.  Dementia suffers will do that, and then become poop Picasso artists as they attempt to wipe the poop from their hands…on sheets, walls, pillows, gowns, their own hair…yes it is just delightful to come in and find this artwork.  Night shift bore the brunt of that, but during the day when napping, my little resident channeled their inner creative juices.  OH the joy.

I’m happy to say that after all the hard work, and staying up late enough to help my sister lug an old dresser to the curb under the cover of darkness for the trash folks to pick up (by appointment no less), I slept in today until 10:30am.  The only reason I got up at all was the need to use the bathroom. Now I feel refreshed and back to my silly, crazy self.  I just amused the neighbors by waltzing out to stick something in the mailbox for pick-up, in a plush robe, my Hello Kitty slippers with the huge pink bows on top, and sport a gold medal, award winning bed-head.  Don’t judge, but be jealous. You know you are! 😉



  1. My poor cousin had one child that was a “poop Picasso” – I don’t know how she (or you) handled it. I could barely enter her house for months after just knowing that poop was once on the walls. Love the curb attire!! I am sure I shock the other “ready for the day” moms at the bus stop some mornings. But it IS winter here afterall and to me that should mean that my fleece pj bottoms are the wise choice against the cold! So what if they are hot pink with penguins!! 🙂

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