Flinging Toothpaste On The Walls

..and the shower curtain, sink, floor, mirror, toilet tank…

I’m not a big fan of wasting things, especially toothpaste.  And when the tube is running low and sliding it over the edge of the sink while held at each end stops working, I sometimes will hold the bottom and wave it hard to shake any residue to the opening.  This tends to work very well. Unless, of course, the cap isn’t snapped tightly on.

That is what happened yesterday as I was getting in the shower.  I always brush my teeth in the shower, so I was naked and getting my toothbrush ready when I discovered there was no getting any more squeezed from the tube.  Not to worry, just fan that sucker and it will get enough to brush with.  It did, and then some.  Seems that cap wasn’t on there just right and as I’m fanning the tube it unhinged, tooth paste like thick blood splatter at a shooting, is going everywhere.  I’m certain my guardian angel was appalled watching me cleaning up the sticky goo in my birthday suit.  Each time I go into the bathroom I’m finding yet more surfaces sporting paste that needs to be cleaned up.


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  1. LOL – I am trying to hold back the mental image – LOL. But only because I’ve been there.. only in my case it was a tube of vaseline. Now that sounds equally bad, but it’s because get dry heels and I find it really works well. But it does NOT work well on your shag bath matt!! ha.

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