‘Ringing’ In 2016 With A Snore

Photo by Dan @freedigitalphotos.net

Welcome to 2016, a year loaded with great promise.  This is because I have decided it is so, and that is half the battle.  Why yes, I am a gal who sees the glass as half full. Fact is my glass is overflowing if I’m completely honest.  Blessings pour over the top every single day.

I went to bed last night before 11:30.  I had worked all day, and the one before, so exhaustion was winning the war as we (me, Boo and Mom) were watching season 2 of Lt. Joe Kenda Homicide Hunter. My head kept nodding, eyes struggled to stay open, and finally common sense won and it was off to bed.  When the clock struck midnight and 2016 made entrance, the Sandman had me deep in la la land dreaming.  No regrets, sleep is in short supply for this girl.

Weeding through Facebook today, there is an abundance of “happy new year” posts in my feed, but also something I find disturbing:  “good riddance 2015”, “glad 2015 is over” and other negative expressions toward the past 365 days.

Seriously what was so awful that you’d like to chuck an entire year of your life away and run for the next one in a life that is already so short?

My year was not without some downer moments, like mom’s cancer returning, favorite residents in my care dying, the end of a brief relationship I thought was something special, but it was so overflowing with blessings!  My 5th grandchild was born, many memories were made with friends and family, I have found what is the best job ever, I’ve been privy to some amazing sights at 5:30am driving to work I’d have missed if still home in bed.  I’ve lost 30 pounds, in better condition physically than I’ve been in many years, my faith was renewed and has grown, and I’m happy.  Really happy! Every morning I wake up smiling, looking forward to whatever the day brings.  Each night, even on the ones I’m so tired sleep is invading before my head is on the pillow, I smile and have a very happy heart!

2015 was a very good year, and 2016 is going to be even better!

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  1. My 11 year old was determined to stay up until midnight this year. And then…. he decided “hey, why not go till 12:30 am!” Which was fine since my hubby had to work at 4:30 am and had long ago went to bed. But then, the darn boy still woke up at his regular 7 am time. Boo!
    And I don’t get that negativity either. I get some people had really tough things happen — but I am always glad for what the year before challenged and prepared me for in the New Year. It’s how we grow and change and is all apart of our Story. I can’t imagine tearing any Chapters out.

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