Post Holiday Depression

The Prodigal Princess

Recently our church did messages pertaining to the music behind the annual, month long Christmas production.  It is huge, attended by 100,000+ this year, and FREE.  The focus of the messages was on the songs used in this production, songs we all know and love like O Holy Night.  One of the things mentioned in a sermon was how Christmas music stirs up hope and anticipation in us during this season.

This had me wondering, is this why there is a feeling of depression among many of us after the hustle and bustle is done, the torn shreds of wrapping paper have been tossed and the house returns to quiet?  Even for the non-believer or sometimes Christian (the ones who only darken the doorway of the church for Easter and Christmas), there is a sense of excitement that builds as the lyrics of silver bells and snow falling etc…

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  1. I wrote about this too, as part of my journey towards Being Present. When you just concentrate on the moment that is currently happening, I think it absolutely helps you to absorb the greater significance. This moment, at this Time, is all you have. You can’t change the past, and you can’t know the future: this is it. When you just concentrate on that, you do live more intentional, so even if the moment is not necessarily a pleasant one – maybe some struggle or pain is occurring – if you do live with Expecation; you know this moment will pass into another. It will become something else, so you do not have to rush through it, avoid it, or Fear it. It’s okay – just be in that moment knowing that it passes. In a Spiritual sense, this is my Hope: knowing that He will make it all work together for His good.

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