Planning 2016 In Dialed Back Style

Last year I got sucked into the whole decorate your planner craze.  It is such an addiction that I cannot begin to fund it and still pay my bills.  Much common sense has had to go into purchases of stickers and washi tape.

Many get really crazy with the amount of stickers used on a week in their planner, to a point that my brain could not begin to figure out what I was doing each week if this is what my planner looked like:


Like, um total confusion for me, too OCD I guess to manage that one.  As it is my Christmas week layout looked like this:


Still a bit of over kill even for me of late.  Honestly, decorating my planner has really helped me to actually USE it more, though this photo above doesn’t really show that,  I worked most every day this past week so it wouldn’t have much on it.

Erin Condren is the brand I use, and I LOVE this planner.  I was torn on this layout or an hourly one, but I love the open spaces to make notes so stuck with this type of layout for 2016.  I didn’t like the horizontal spread one bit so that narrowed my choices fast.

No doubt I will decorate, but with minimal stickers and washi, minimizing the cluttered feel and look. It just doesn’t work for me so much anymore.

As I head into 2016, organization and planning is the name of the game for me.  What about you, what are your ways of getting organized and charting your course each week?

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