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Life paused on me night before last.  I’ve been busy, working 12.5 hour days, 3 on, 1 off, and trying to get everything done in a short 2 hours or so after work.  This has been life for a long while now.  My car needed brakes and tires, Christmas shopping was going to need doing, and that meant lots of overtime hours.  I know it has gotten out of hand when I walk into the dining room on my unit and my dad (who happens to be a resident on my unit), looks up at me over his breakfast and says, “you’re here again?” and laughs.

When I got off of work Saturday night I went to my sons and spent a number of hours babysitting so he and his wife could have a night out.  Then came home, went to bed, got up and did all of my Christmas shopping (except for what was ordered online), came home and started wrapping.  All was well and I was enjoying a glass of wine while covering my gifts in pretty paper when I was hit head on by a virus.  One minute I’m humming to myself while enjoying the activity, the next I’m sitting in a dining room chair with the room spinning and breaking out in a not-menopause sweat.  This was followed by a wave of nausea that sent me off to the bathroom in fear that my lunch from earlier was about to reappear.  This lovely bug rips through cleaning out everything, and we’ll leave out the rest of the details.

At 2am I was still fighting the urge to hurl my toes out of my mouth, when I gave up and called off work.  Throughout the day yesterday the trips to the bathroom lessened, and I thought I was finally past it.  Until I went to bed and during the night it reared its ugly head again.

So, here I sit on day #2 of a forced pause of my busy life, hoping that this is it and I can go back to work tomorrow.  I’m bored out of my skull as I had NOTHING planned for a sick or rainy day.  I’m supposed to be at work, changing folks, feeding them, toileting and showering them, not sitting here in nervous anticipation of the next attack on my digestive track all the while hoping it won’t happen again.

I’ve paged through my Kindle over and over looking for something to strike my interest to read….nothing.  I tried napping, not happening. I really do not like when life pushes the pause button on me.


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  1. I’m finally catching up on some blog reading during this busy Season, and the very best thing I can give thanks for was that I was sick BEFORE the holidays started and got it all out of my system. Because getting sick at the busiest time of the year is the worst. I do hope that it passed (sorry for that pun!) quickly and that you were able to get back to enjoying the holidays.

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