What I Am….

unglued_coverWhat I am reading… Unglued by Lysa Terkeurst.  It is the book for Proverbs 31 ministries current online bible study and really very good.  I am thankful I signed up for it as online is about the only way I get to do anything much, keeping up on my lunch and breaks at work.

What I am eating…  Popcorn.  Well at the moment.  Popped on the stove top in canola oil, white popcorn, OH the blissful tastiness!!!!

What I am drinking… Diet coke.  The store brand because it is way less expensive and I swear it is really Diet Coke in a Big K can.

What I am working…  way too much!  Last week I pulled 6 days of 12.5 hour shifts.  I am not sorry it was my turn to opt to go home early on Sunday (though it is so rare we are over staffed, especially weekends).  I am enjoying today, my 2nd full day off in a row, before returning to the madness tomorrow of call lights, dementia residents yelling out insanity, and poop.  Everybody had the poops Saturday and that just stinks, both literally and figuratively.

What I am doing to relax… coloring!!! Talk about great therapy.  For several years I had an adult coloring book (as in for big people, not X rated) in my wish list on Amazon.  I saw a good one at the craft store and bought it and I LOVE it.  I also purchased a set from Crayola.  It really is wonderful to put on music and color for a bit with colored pencils.

What I am listening to… Currently the Soundscapes music channel on the TV.  In the car, it is always KLOVE, Air 1, or our local Christian station.  I need positive lyrics.

What I am finding is a great app… I love the She Reads Truth app.  Great bible study material there.  Also, First 5 from Proverbs 31.  Both a excellent ways to get time in God’s Word if you are like me and a busy bee.

What I am contemplating…

Tiny houses – I think they rock and I’d love to move into one when the time comes that mom is gone and we break up the Diva Den.  Maybe a community of tiny houses so me and sis can be near each other but have our own space still.

My budget – much to go over and trim off the spending to commit to the I’m In campaign at church this coming Sunday.  Much prayer for that one.

What I am regretting…  I have not kept up with my blog or my book writing.  SO many things I want to do, so little left over time.  And my Avon and Jordan Essentials businesses need a swift kick in the rear that I’m not even sure where to find the time to address. UGH!


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  1. I am kinda hoping that Santa brings me a real popcorn machine this year. I figured out we probably spend a fortune on the microwave kind, and I’d really like to stop using that method I think. At least on a regular basis.
    She Reads Truth is great!!!
    Well I live in what feels like a tiny house right now, and though I know we are blessed to have it, I can’t say that I truly like the cramped “where can I go to find some quiet” feeling. But, as long as love grows here, we’ll be just fine. But later when the kids leave? Less house to clean? Oh yes thank you.

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