Breaking Up With B.O.B.

Calm down, BOB = Big Old Bump.  Minds out of the gutter!

Last visit to the doc landed me on a steroid and another mega antibiotic and it seems that BOB is going bye-bye.  The area is no longer angry looking and tender, the redness has faded and I’m rather delighted.  It’s hanging on some but we’ve made some serious improvement.

My leg looks better, and that rocks.  But the steroid is making me put on water weight so I cannot wait for this to be over.  I’m not a fan of feeling puffy.  I don’t do fluffy or puffy, thank you very much.

So, hopefully this means this issue is about over.

On a lighter note, if you are a Scandal fan, and didn’t see last night’s episode?  SPOILER ALERT!

Stop. Reading. Now.

Daddy Pope is loose and just saved Olivia’s butt again.  Go Eli!

Oh and there was no wedding. Thankfully.  Olivia should be married to Jake. Not the douche canoe in the oval office on there. He is no good for her, not man enough to handle.  Again, GO DADDY POPE!

He is the guy I love to hate.

On to The Walking Dead.  By now you shouldn’t need a SPOILER ALERT! Glen died last Sunday.  If he should get out of that one alive, I fail to think of anything remotely believable that could be done to save him.  It sucks, he is a great character but really, odds are impossible in my mind that he isn’t zombie fodder.  We have to accept that, we’ve had beloved main characters die, we’re still watching.  Meanwhile, if the unbelievable happened, a zombie apocalypse, this show is like 6 years of training videos.  Grab all the medications, alcohol with long shelf life, and non-perishable foods you can.  LOADS of guns and ammo, not to mention bow and arrows and start learning to use them. NOW.  Plan to never shower, we’re all going to stink. Bad.  I have no valid solution for that one.

Sorry y’all, that is all I have.   Been working entirely too much (6 of 7 days in a row, 12.5 hours) and my brain is tired.  Body is tired.  But it’s all good.  Car needs tires, brakes, and the holidays are coming up fast with gifts to be purchased. I’ve done some shopping already, more to to be finished!

Don’t be good, be MARVELOUS!


  1. LOL I think Glen is alive but how is the question. If it isn’t believable (as if zombies are at all) it will ruin the moment.

  2. No no no No!!!! I refuse to accept it!! The other guy is on top of Glen!! He will roll under the dumpster and wait it out!!! Enid will save him. Anything!! I love Glen – he’s the last shred of moral decency I think and it will be so sad to lose that on the show. And poor Maggie. But, I bet she’s pregnant. I know the comic story line, so I can see why they would have Glen die — but it just didn’t seem to be a fitting death for one of the longest characters.
    I may be too invested in this show. LOL

    Farewell BOB! dontcha come back no more! 🙂

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