The Continuing Saga Of B.O.B. – Big Old Bump

Today brought me to the doctor again, and this time the diagnosis is:  an edema.  DUH! This we know.  But what we don’t know is what exactly IS that under there?  The mystery continues.

For now, I’m on another mega strong anti-biotic along with a steroid to fight whatever it is in there that is trying to take over my leg.  If this doesn’t do it, I’ll have to go for biopsies.  I’m hoping this works as I really do not want anyone slicing and dicing in my leg.  I cannot afford to be off work so um, too bad, so sad.  I’ll just have to wrap that sucker tight and hit the unit.

So, once again, I’m medicating the unknown and hoping it works.

Isn’t this just fun?

Not so much.