So What Is BOB?

Bob.  That is the name of the bump above the ankle on the inside of my left leg.

My daughter told me I needed to name it.

It is about the size of a silver dollar now, and growing, slow but steady.

In May it was about pea size, I worried it was a blood clot but didn’t worry too much as I didn’t do anything.  Besides, blood clots typically are behind the knee.  And then it grew.

And then it turned color.

No, it isn’t a bug bite as there was not mark on the outside of the skin.  Now it is rather discolored and looks funky.  And the redness is spreading around it.

The PA at the doc’s office put me on a strong antibiotic thinking it was cellulitis.  It got more irritated looking but other than that nothing.  Guess that wasn’t the correct diagnosis.

Today I went for a scan to see if it was a blood clot.  Yes I DO realize if it was a clot this was a ridiculous amount of time to have waited to see if that is the case.  Even though the tech could not say if it is or is not a clot, I was told that if it were to be a blood clot I’d be checked into the hospital and not permitted to leave.  I’m home!  She did mention a cyst would have shown up on the scan as a black ‘hole’ because it is fluid.  No such black area appeared on the scan.  *sigh*

Bob = Big Old Bump

Hence we at least have a name for it, now we just need to go back to the doc next week and see what we can find out about it.  Maybe we can just cut it open and have a look?  Dunno what they will do.  But Bob is not a welcome addition, is tender and most unattractive and therefore needs to pack his bags and depart.

The saga will continued next week with updates on Bob.

Stay tuned.

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  1. I hope everything is okay! And that BOBs worst trait is that he is annoying and ugly. hopefully they find out a way to make BOB go away.

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