Top 10 Things I’ve Learned From Criminal Minds

  1. ALWAYS be ready to go in 30 minutes or less.  How many times after being briefed on a case do you hear “wheels up in 30″ meaning the plane will depart in 30 minutes, profilers, be on it.  Life has a way of throwing wrenches in the middle of the day so always be ready to switch gears, fast.
  2. Have your own sense of style.  Seriously, Penelope Garcia is the queen of pulling of the craziest looks with hair, eye wear, and fashion. She has no rules, just what works for her.  I LOVE her flair, zing, pop, pizzazz…whatever you call it, she is true to herself when it comes to wearing what she loves.  Oh, and she submitted her resume on pink stationary, she knows how to command attention.
  3. Use code phrases with your kids for safety. No fan can forget when Hotch’s son, Jack, had his life spared because his daddy had taught him a phrase that when heard, he knew where to go hide and not move.  In this messed up world we live in, having such phrases is a great idea.  Kids practice it over and over like a game so that in an emergency you can get them to do what needs to be done.
  4. Keep your gun handy, even in the bathroom.  How many times do we see it, the victim is in the bathroom, hears a noise, and goes investigating only to be murdered in their own home.  Seriously, lock the damn door, call the cops and sit in the dark with the gun aimed at the door. Shoot first, ask questions later.
  5. Stay in school.  There are few like Spencer Reed, so stick to school and get an education.  You won’t be able to recall the details like he can but your odds are better in this world if you are educated.
  6. NEVER trust anyone.
  7. If you car breaks down it will likely be in the middle of nowhere and a psycho killer will be nearby.  Lock and load and call for help but lock the doors first.
  8. If they are driving a van, do not get near them.  They do not need your help, it’s a trap.  Run, don’t walk, in the opposite direction causing a scene to draw attention from others.  But NEVER help them.
  9. Trust your gut.  Really, I mean it! If you are positive you locked the door when you left and come home to an unlocked door, window open, photo moved from it’s location…whatever it is, run like hell and get OUT.  Oh, but draw that gun first and get ready to shoot whoever is hiding in the shadows.
  10. Agent Morgan is the perfect man, hence a fantasy.  Built like a dream, passionate, and calls ya ‘baby girl’, yep he is total fantasy material. But ahhhh, what a fantasy!

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  1. I was going to say something very clever… but you ended with Agent Morgan and now I’m stuck there. Also, his Instagram is a GIFT. 😉

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