Herded Cattle To The Feed Trough

The CNA Life

Yesterday just sucked hairy donkey nads, I’m not going to lie.  We all got to work and one aide, who is fairly new, got sent home.  I frankly find her lazy beyond words and not cut out for this job.  She was sent home last week due to not being current on her TB test.  They stuck her Wednesday and told her she had to come in Friday to have it read before she could work on the floor again.  She failed to do that, showed up yesterday morning for work and went to the supervisor’s office and was sent home because it had not been read so now she was not able to work.  This left us with 4 aides and 5 hallways.  We all split up one of the halls taking on extra people to care for, which did not start my day off well.

I have a…

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