My First Farewell

A post I felt was worth sharing, about my day today at work.

The CNA Life

Yesterday when I worked, one of my favorite residents was having a tough time.  Major anxiety attacks to the point where he felt short of breath.  They put him on oxygen and I stopped in a bit more frequently to check on him.  Usually he needed very little from me other than showers and a nudge if he was asleep so he didn’t miss meal time.  He was so sweet, always smiling and for some reason thought my name was Tonya and that was okay.  Even after I told him, he still called me that and I just let it ride.  He told me one day that I was a great aide, always smiling myself and he could see how compassionate I am toward everyone.

He was 90 years old, a WWII vet, and recently got to experience Honor Flight.  We all celebrated that with great joy for him.


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