A Sprinkle Of Pure Joy On The Highway Of Chaos

Life has been overly busy and even a bit on the crazy side lately.  Work is off the chain, the scale is moving steadily downward (15 pounds and counting are gone), and trying to regroup and get my Avon business on track has consumed a lot of my time.  I’ve turned to scheduling time to write the books I’m working on, that is how insane it all is.

Yesterday, life slammed on the brakes for a bit.  At 5:30am my cell phone began ringing, playing the ring tone of my daughter.  I smiled and said “YES!” out loud, I knew that at this hour it meant one thing, she was finally in labor with her first child, my new grandson was on the way!

The remainder of my day was sitting at the hospital with her parent-in-laws and my ex and his wife, waiting for the birth to finally take place.  We spent some time in her room, being ushered out for periodic checks of her progress, and then finally they said she was 9cm dilated and the doc decided it was time to start pushing.  We waited…and waited some more.  After a bit we moved from the waiting area to the hall outside of labor and delivery, where I saw an incubator go wheeling into the staff entrance to her labor and deliver room.  This caused my heart to skip a beat.  A few minutes later I watched it roll out of the door, past the window on the hallway doors, and glimpsed my grandson inside.  I started to cry.  My son-in-law’s mama was in tears too.  And then we waited some more.  Finally, after being with my daughter for a bit, my son-in-law came to tell us that the staff felt the baby was having breathing issues and took him to the NICU.  He was going back in to be with my daughter for a bit then would come and get us all when she was ready.

The woman I found when I entered her room was one who was cool, calm and collected.  She was at peace that God had it all under control and little Jace was in the best NICU in the country and all would be fine.  Her doctor came in and took me down later, but I didn’t get to see him as they were running tests.  She snapped some pics of the little bundle and we went back to my daughter’s room.

Today I went up and got to see my grandson in the NICU.  He is more than adorable, and doing great.  He is on antibiotics because my baby girl ran a fever and her white count was high during labor, indicative of an infection.  Her little bean was breathing faster than normal so he was on antibiotics for 48 hours and in NICU so they can keep a close eye on him.  But he is fine, and doing great.  She worked with him today to nurse, got to feed him and hold him.  I held him for a few seconds before he was back under his warmer, looking adorable.  His head is covered in white blond hair, just like his mommy had when she was born.  He was very alert and looking all around today while I was there.  We all feel at peace that he is okay and will be home soon.  This is a huge relief.

My Nana heart is swollen, filled with emotions and mostly it is joy.  Some tears because I know it is hard on my baby girl even though she is totally at peace.  But as she said, he is just perfect!

My little SnuggleMonkey
My little SnuggleMonkey


  1. How wonderful…I wish for the time when the little mama can hold him full time…

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