Shameless Self Promotion

You already know that I love direct sales if you have been following this blog at all.  But do you know what companies I represent?  I’d like to give you those now and ask that if you are considering purchasing any products that any of these could fill, well I’m asking you for your business!


Yes, I sell for Avon, my first love.  When is the last time you browsed through an Avon brochure?  You can do so on my site and purchase right there from me!  I’d love to be YOUR AVON LADY!


I’m a big fan of natural remedies for most needs, and believe wholeheartedly in aroma therapy for many others.  If you purchase essential oils, please consider buying from me!!

Jewelry In Candles

I LOVE candles and wax tarts.  I sell those too.  Our candles and tarts are competitively priced AND come with jewelry inside.  You can be surprised, or pick necklace, earrings, or a ring (and pick the ring size).  Most jewelry pieces are $10 in value but there are some hidden in the candles and tarts that are worth hundreds and even thousands of dollars!  The variety of scents is great and I can tell you that they fill the house with the smells!


I’ve personally used the 24 Day Challenge and can tell you that it works.  I lost 16 pounds on the challenge.  I love SPARK for my energy drink and swear by it.  Interested in the products? Shop my store!

If you’ve ever considered selling any of these products, I’d also love to have you on my team! And you can join right on my various websites and be a team member!