Tuesday Coffee Brain Scramble

Welcome to my brain this fine, Tuesday morning.  You might want a cup of coffee, it helps at times with the random flow of thought floating about it here.

I’m a tad tired today, as I always seem to be after a long work day.  But I’ll snap out of it shortly.  The day was busy and I managed to keep up most of the time, or made up for it later when things did slow down a bit in the afternoon.  Nothing like bringing in a petting zoo to get our residents outside in the fresh air with the activities folks to give us aides a chance to catch up on the inside work.  I restocked towels, wash clothes, wipes, butt cream (pressure ulcers on boney areas are a real hazard for the elderly so we put that on when we change them), empty trash I may have not gotten too, take linens to the laundry shoot etc.  It is a never ending job.  All. Day. Long.  And I LOVE it.  Yesterday I was thrust into angel mode again, but that is a post for my CNA/STNA blog, you can catch that later today.

I’m still struggling with finding the balance between my direct sales, my full time job, and well everything else in life.  Things like cleaning out my walk in closet that has become a ‘dump’ for anything I didn’t have time to decide if it was keep or pitch.  I think I’ve come up with a way around that though, in using a box.  NOT a large one, just a folding cube style, fabric one.  I will put things in there when straightening up, or when I get home and don’t want to address whatever came in the mail etc.  Then when said small container is full, it is time to S.T.O.P. and deal with the contents.  That or on Sunday go through it and get it emptied.  Yes, this will require discipline.  I’ve got this. (My inner diva just rolled off her lounge chair laughing)

Those books I’m writing, the novel and the one about me?  I’m still writing!  Big shocker but this has been a challenge to turn over my life and do something new like a major career change.  But never fear, I have a publisher who wants the real me story of sinner to saint (my halo has serious tarnish so don’t think I don’t know this), off the path and back on again.  I gave a verbal outline one day on the phone and they were all over it.  It’s coming I just need to schedule time.

Speaking of schedule, my planner is actually working for me now.  I find that when I write things down, they tend to get finished.  And if I schedule a time, even more so.  The fun decorations are just icing on the cake and make me happy.

I have a new summer favorite show, “The Astronaut Wives Club“.  I’m reading the book too.  It is rather entertaining if nothing else.  I realized there is artistic liberty with it, but beats old reruns of shows that only mildly kept my interest over the past year.

Baby watch is on high alert.  My daughter is due tomorrow, advancing in signs that grand snuggler #5 will be here soon, and so every time I get a call or text from her I get a little excited bubble in me hoping…and then it pops because it isn’t time. Yet.  I cannot wait though.

Sporting our 3D glasses, waiting for the movie to start. We're sexy and we know it!
Sporting our 3D glasses, waiting for the movie to start. We’re sexy and we know it!

I went and saw the Pixar movie, Inside Out the other evening with my sister and niece, and it is too cute!  If you want a cute family flick this is it. Really neat how it explains concepts like core memories etc and uses them.  That is one I’d see again.  We went to see it in 3D, well worth the money.  Counting down the days to the new Minion movie, which is a must see in 3D after this one, the effect is just too good and has come so far now that I cannot imagine seeing a movie without it.

I know, my life is not real exciting of late.  Lazy summer days off, busting my tail at work, and trying to figure out what to plant in Farmville 2 while I unwind and sip a glass of wine at night.  I don’t mind, I am in reload mode.  Kind of like when your phone does a system update.  My life is in update mode while all of the bugs and glitches get patches applied.  I have a whole list of topics to cover in posts, just haven’t felt much like writing lately and not sure why.  Reevaluating my life I suppose?

Okay, as you were, I feel the need for a shower and to attack my closet with some serious gusto so I can scratch it off my to do list.


  1. exciting news about your book!!! I can’t imagine actually having a real conversation with a real publisher. in my case, I need a REAL actual story first. ha.
    and Inside Out was incredible. so so good. it ripped my heart out, and then stuffed it back inside with sprinkles on top. amazing. And next will definitely be Minions! 🙂

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