Why Being Single Rocks!

Don’t get me wrong, I am not at all opposed to relationships, marriage etc.  IF I ever find the right man I just might remarry one day.  But in the mean time, I am single and there are a lot of reasons why this is fantastic.  Oh I know there are those that fail to accept that my life is pretty darned amazing and I have plenty of things to be happy about and I really DO enjoy living this life I’ve been given, but they have no idea.  I’d invite them to shadow me for a few days and see for themselves.

So, I decided to list a bunch of reasons why being single rocks.

  1. NO need for make-up.  I never wear it to work because I get to sweating when lifting, moving, transferring, pushing and pulling residents throughout the day.  They are old so they are always cold, which means we work in temperatures comparable to the desert in some of their rooms.  I’ve gotten so used to not wearing it that when I do put it on I feel like I’m starring in an OLD movie or the circus.  With no man in my life, I tend to go without it most days and really don’t care, it is rather freeing!
  2. The entire bed is MINE.  No cover hog rolling over and leaving me to freeze in the breeze of my fan at night, no one to sleep in the center of the bed or so close to me that I cannot breathe and need to shove them away or get out and get back in on the other side.  Dead center, left or right, the entire bed belongs to me.  Okay me and at least 2 of the cats on any given night but they aren’t so bad.
  3. Yes I DID wear this shirt yesterday.  I didn’t do anything, it was my day off so I am wearing it again today and I don’t care.  No one to question me if I do like this shirt and maybe even put it on a 3rd day because if I go anywhere it’s the first time anyone has seen it at that location.
  4. The toilet seat is always down.  No man to use the bathroom and fail to put the seat and lid down, that is where it is always located.  I like that, no sitting down in the dark in the middle of the night and landing in the cold water with my bare tush.
  5. Yep I have been sitting in the same spot reading for 5 straight hours and no, I’m not lazy. The book is excellent and I am not putting it down until it is finished or I get tired of reading.  No one to tell me I have things I could be doing.  I don’t, I have a book. The only thing missing is the cabana boy to refill the glass with wine or my cup with coffee.  But I will do that myself, thankyouverymuch, while still in my jammies if I so please.
  6. There is no schedule to worry about other than mine.  I work, full time, then I’m off.  3 days, 12.5 hours, and that means 4 days off each week.  If I want to pick up over time, there is no reason not too, I don’t have to worry about if that is going to create a problem for ‘him’.
  7. All spending is at my own discretion.  Those stickers and washi tape I buy for my planner? No negative comments coming my way.  A few Farm Bucks on payday to enjoy my Farmville 2 habit, and NO comments about that being a waste of time or cash.  Found yet another book for my Kindle and BAM, downloaded and it didn’t require asking permission to do so.
  8. If my body is too tired to get up after pulling 3 or 4 straight days of 12.5 hour shifts, I sleep in on my off day.  Sometimes I sleep past noon, and NO one has an issue with that.  Well okay the cats might if no one else fed them because OHMYGOSHWEAREGOINGTOSTARVETODEATH if you don’t get up, but no man, who is totally clueless about the amount of physical exertion is required to do my job, is there to complain that I didn’t get up.
  9. The radio station in the car is always where I want it, either on KLOVE or AIR1.  It never changes, the volume is how I like it, the A/C is on if I want it on and I don’t give a flying frogs butt if it eats more gas….it’s MY car, my way.
  10. I can drink a bit too much wine and drunk text or dial an old flame any time I feel like it and even end up on the phone for hours talking to a former male coworker, laughing til 3am, and there is no problem!
  11. When I do put on my face, dress up a bit and go out for a while, I don’t need a man to tell me I look pretty great!  I have a mirror and plenty of self confidence.  I meet with MY approval and love it!
  12. Oops, forgot to put something away in the kitchen.  No one to slam drawers shut and mutter about the mess I made.  I’ll get to it myself, when I come back in and realize my error.  And it’s okay, because I’m a big girl and don’t need someone else to tell me what to do.
  13. Yes, we did commit to go to your brother’s uncle’s by marriage, cat’s groomers birthday bash, but you know what? I don’t feel like it…oh wait I’m single so I couldn’t care less and I’m not going!
  14. Yes I am skipping the gym today, and no I don’t care that I pay $20 a month to belong and shouldn’t miss because it is a waste of money…I don’t FEEL like it.
  15. Yep, I sure did post a rant on Facebook about the current situation with the local whatever it is, and oh look, no one to tell me that isn’t wise etc.  I did it cause I felt like it.  Haters be damned.
  16. Yep, I sure did buy new curtains and bedding, I didn’t like the other set anymore. Oh wait, no one to tell me not too.

Okay all in good fun.  But the reality is, that yes I do love being single.  I come and go, work when I want, etc. with no worries about impacting anyone’s schedule but my own.  I enjoy  being me, I enjoy doing things when I feel like it and I’m not sorry that I am not with anyone.  Every chapter in life has pros and cons, and right now, I’m all over the pro side of that list.  When I feel like male companionship, I have plenty of guy pals to call on, and I do.  No mess, no fuss, just go out and have fun then quick kiss on the cheek, thanks for a fun time, talk to you soon!

To my married/attached friends, I’m wonderfully happy for you! Enjoy it.

To my single/unattached friends, find the silver linings, this isn’t a bad thing!


  1. even though I am one of the happily married sorts, I can remember feeling ALL of this when I was single. I somehow knew in my heart, that life was pretty darn good as it was, and if it never changed to “couple” – that would be just fine. My heart wasn’t closed or anything – I just was content where I was too. I figured what would happen, would happen; no need to fret about it.
    Enjoy! (I would like to come live just 48 hours in your world though – LOL)

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