Peanut Butter Toast & Coffee Morning Musings

Coffee cup with steamTruly one of my favorite things for breakfast on a day when I’m not super hungry but need to eat, is peanut butter on wheat toast.  The need to eat is 2 fold in that I don’t want my body to think I’m in starvation mode, and I drink entirely too much coffee so I feel I should munch on something to avoid the caffeine shakes later.  I’m pretty certain if you sliced open my wrist coffee would flow from my veins.  And yes, I’m fully aware of the health issues that could be associated, we all have our vices.  I could hug the loin cloth wearing soul who first tried to make bean soup from coffee beans and discovered the most amazing liquid to be consumed on the planet.

I have 2 job offers on the table to pray about.  Not sure which one to take though I think I know which one I will pursue.  This is largely based on where I my heading is in my current spiritual journey through our church wide Brave Journey.  We are in week 2 and it is deep this week.  And as either job is going to impact the direction of my journey, I am pretty sure I know which one it should be.  Still need to take time to pray about it all though.

Later today I will post about my journey and what I have uncovered.  I’m not certain if I will be posting it here or on my spiritual blog, as I am not even sure I am keeping that one rather than just combining it all in one place.  Too much to consider at the moment without more coffee and perhaps a shower.  I also have a ton of studying to do and plenty of training workshops in Avon University that need addressing.

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Off to refill my cup!