Monday Morning Coffee Musings

Hot cup of fresh coffee on the wooden table and stack of books tThis morning my cat and her adopted sisters decided to play a game of Operation Aggravation.  This game requires a lot of skill and cunning on behalf of those doing the aggravating and nerves and a strong will made of steel if one is on the receiving end of the assaults.  As teenagers, when my siblings and I would find ourselves grounded, we would enlist the help of this very game to drive my mother insane so she would finally just let us off early on annoying behavior to get us out of the house before she pulled her hair out.  It didn’t work all that well and sometimes resulted in additional time added to our sentence.  With cats, it is a very different story.  Cats never lose.

The last round played began at about 3:00am with Ditzy on my bed.  I woke to her trying to snuggle against me as tightly as she could, all the while her one front paw is over my exposed arm, gently patting it.  I shooed her away and put my arm under the covers.  I woke a bit later to her stretching, on her side, paws against my back.  This was followed by loud purring and those same paws kneading the small of my back.   This time I picked her up and tossed her off of the bed.  She was back in position before I was back to sleep.

Now before you think I’m some sort of moron for not closing my bedroom door, understand that my cat, Pixel, will begin playing the drum beat of her people on my door with her front paws if it is ever closed to her.  This is possibly more annoying than the ordeal with Ditzy, and instead of just me, it drives the entire household from their dreams.

Ditzy kept up her end of the game before the torch was handed off to my cat around 6:30am.  This is when my precious fur baby decided to play a game of chasing her tail on the bed.  Behind my back.   A cat tornado is not a good thing when trying to sleep.  A hail storm of paws beating out a rapid rhythm is not what sweet dreams are made of or for that matter nightmares.  You cannot sleep to have either when this is taking place.  I ran her off the bed only to be woken again by the same chaos moments later.

At 7am I quit, waving the white flag of surrender and defeat, I made my way to the kitchen, stepping over the other 2 cats in route down the hallway.  I am certain I witnessed high-fives among them.  I filled the food bowls but only after making the coffee because I’m a sore loser.

Cats – 1,600,500,001  –  Marvi Marti – 0

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  1. I would have made AND drank my coffee before feeding them. you’re a better loser than I! LOL
    thank goodness our cat doesn’t seem to know how to cat. he just lays on the spare bed downstairs all by himself. he’s probably plotting something big for the future though. I can just hear his thoughts when he watches us through the door: Soon. 🙂

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