Friday Confessional

Yay F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!!

I don’t know why I am so excited about it being Friday other than it is confessional day.  Let’s head on over to Aubrey’s place and let it all out, okay?

I confess…

I am EXHAUSTED today!  Over night storms, weather radio going off multiple times to a point where I just wanted to chuck it out of the window, did not make for good sleep.  I am very afraid of storms so it sucked.

I confess…

I was so excited and pumped up about taking my state test for my STNA (state tested nurse aide) that I thought it was this past Wednesday and showed up.  Oops!  Oh well, I’ll be more than prepared for it come 4/15.  🙂

I confess…

I am also very excited as I have a job interview this coming week in my new field of STNA.  I’m very pleased to say the least!  My Avon business is growing nicely and now I will have a second great source of income.  YAY ME!!!!

I confess…

My planner obsession is actually getting to be a good thing, I’m actually USING it!

I confess…

I am actually enjoying the dating site.  Several potentials for at the least good friends.  Let the dating begin and who knows, maybe Mr. Right for me is out there?  That or 12 cats it will be!  Either beats being with Mr. Lies-Cheats-Wrong.


  1. Marti,
    Hi! It’s Barb from FL, one of your Avon customers. I’ve also been reading your blog for the past few years , and I’m a fellow blogger over at FL Mom’s Blog. Did I miss something? Whatever happened to you and some guy moving to FL? Good luck with the CNA testing! I have some CNA friends who I work with in our Subacute /long term care facility (aka nursing home). I work the 11pm to 7am shift as a RN. FL’s a nice state to live in with no state tax.

    • Sadly we broke up!!! I found out he had lied about everything except his name. Very sad but thankfully found out before we moved. Me and the other Divas still plan to move to Sarasota, hopefully in the 1-3 year from now mark.

  2. oh so your test thing is tomorrow then?! Good luck!!
    I really need to get on that planner thing I am thinking…. my brain just can’t remember all the stuff with 3 kids and school anymore. But I don’t think I can make mine as pretty as yours 😦

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