It’s Dark Chocolate & Coffee Kind Of Day

It’s raining yet again, making it really tempting to take a nap right now.  But that doesn’t lend itself to getting much accomplished.  I just hope the severe storms stay far away, I have too much to do and sitting in the basement waiting for hell to break loose is not on the to-do list.

Drinking way more water today than coffee, as tomorrow is blood donation day.  It also means I will likely nap tomorrow afternoon as for some reason donating blood really makes me sleepy.

My planner obsession is out of control.  It is going to require a line item in my monthly budget to keep up.  When my kids ask me what I want for Mother’s Day, Birthday, or Christmas this year, I’m just going to send them the link to the Pinterest board I have and suggest they buy me stickers so my inner child can bling out my planner.  Of course it does mean that I am actually using my planner and staying organized so that makes it okay, right?  Stickers and washi tape, cheap thrills!  I’m in several Facebook groups that are full of fellow junkies and enablers.  I also have a sticker cutting machine I want.  This is seriously going to get out of hand.

Before & After:



Speaking of things that are out of hand.  I know I know, I should never have started playing Farmville2 again.  I have a limited amount of time I allow myself to even go to my little virtual fields to tend to things.  What gets me are the things that I’m ‘given’ that I don’t want or ask for, like a family.  First this guy shows up to be my significant other, something I did not ever intend to have there.  But I named him, and now he does things around the farm when I have time to train him.  I don’t have much time so he is about as useless as tits on a bull.  Next thing I know I have KIDS!  First one baby then another, now they are about 7ish?  Mind you, dude and I are NOT married yet, that comes later, so said offspring are out of wedlock, further adding to my confusion.  I just had the pleasure of building a splash zone thingie for the adopted child of one of the game’s ongoing ever present players and her farmer husband who also has a farm, she runs the bed and breakfast.  They are part of the town/farm folks that help you in the game. I don’t want their kid splashing around the river on my property, that screams law suit!  UGH.  It’s too late for me, safe yourself though and do NOT start playing.

Time to get back to updating my beauty blog, sipping my coffee, nibbling dark chocolate and enjoying this day. See you in the confessional tomorrow!

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  1. I keep getting invitations to those things and I just can’t!! I am already lost to Tumblr thanks to my love for all things Marvel comic related and certain TV shows. I have to put limits somewhere! but gosh — it’s all so much more fun than responsibility, isn’t it? ha

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