The Dating Diaries – Coffee & Candles Edition

istock_000009602550xsmallFigured it was time to resurrect this catagory since I’m single and might consider dating again.

The coffee is of course the ever present cup to my left on the desk.  YUM!

Candles are Peppermint, Cucumber & Mint, and Eucalyptus Mint from my candle shop.  I’m burning all 3 because I love the combo.  Raining outside is adding to the over all cozy atmosphere here at my desk in front of the window.

So, when I last posted I told you that The Badge was history.  I decided for fun I’d start up my dating profile on the one site again, updated my pics and rewrote the profile because it needed an overhaul anyway.  The dust on that badboy was thick, it had been a few years.  I filled out what I was looking for and loaded it.  Let the freak parade begin.  I know that is cynical isn’t it?  But if you saw the majority of folks on these sites and many of whom either don’t bother to read the profiles or just think you will be swept off your feet by photos of them in old faded shirts, you would understand.  That and the ones like The Badge who lie through their teeth even on their profiles.  Example being that man did NOT have an atheletic build (his man dinners/boobs are nearly the size of mine, and a tummy comparable to a 3 month pregnant woman – which proves that I really do look at the inside) and I never once heard about or saw a quad runner he claims he rides on the dating site, and I’ve been in his garage.  I just doubt  that anyone is capable of being real anymore.

SO when the site started sending me ideal likely matches? Yep, The Badge was one! *head-to-desk*.  Unlike the time I sent a flirt to my ex-husband on a site (hey I have a very sick sense of humor), I read his countless lies on there and got a good laugh before moving on.

My blogs are full of things I do NOT want and that I am NOT looking for in a relationship, but not much regarding what I am seeking.

SO…here are SOME of the many things I’ve saved that describe exactly what it is I’ve been holding out for, someone unique and unconventional,  someone like myself.

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  1. I love all of these! And oh lawd — I cannot imagine being single again in this world. it truly frightens me. I think I just wouldn’t bother at all — so good on you for getting out there again! good luck!

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