Iced Water Moments

Photo by rakratchada torsap.
Photo by rakratchada torsap.

Why iced water? Because any more coffee and I very well may crawl up a wall and across the ceiling!  And I’m trying too drink half my body weight in water because I have been told that by trainers.  Only my pregnant daughter can rival my number of trips to the bathroom in a day.

SO, Sarasota & Siesta Key were fabulous, and right now at this writing it is 138 days, 10 hours and 48 minutes until we go back again.  Yes I am counting down!!  I hate being cold, hate snow, hate winter….you get the idea.

In my absence my poor cat had to rely on others for attention.  It is not like she lacked it, Divas love their pointy eared fur babies so she got what she needed while I was away.  Since my return and the initial snubbing, she has been my shadow.  If I go downstairs from my room, she follows.  Bathroom visits are not permitted without her on the other side of the door, sometimes knocking in rapid tap tap tap.  If I am at my desk, she is on it next to my laptop trying to purr in my ear.  Sitting on the bed reading? Yep, there she is, and if I don’t pay attention she puts her paw on my shoulder to gain it.  I think it is safe to say she missed her mama.

Now that I am back in town I am back at the gym on a daily basis.  Despite being 4 days without a workout I lost 4 pounds in the sunshine state.  No complaints here!  No doubt it was being sensible with what I ate.  Because next time we will stay on Siesta Key I did a little research and discovered there is one fitness center on the key, about 2 blocks from where we will be staying, and they have week passes for sale!  I am totally stoked.  While I will get a good leg workout walking the beach, I also want my strength and cardio session that is available in a gym so that is where I will be early in the morning while The Badge sleeps in.  Meanwhile working my butt off here to be bikini ready when I get down there.

My fitness journey is just that, a trip toward a destination and if you are on Sparkpeople feel free to follow my progress, in fact friend me!  I enjoy the motivation others post.

138 days, 10 hours, 37 minutes left.



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  1. I ate coconut creme pie.
    and a beer.
    ugh — back to the yoga mat!
    But, I did also go sledding, which is about 20 times of walking back up and steep hill for an hour and half, so I might actually be okay….
    ….to have a second piece. 🙂

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